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Pizza, But Not As We Know It.

How do you eat your pizza? With a knife and fork we bet, which is so very British and not how the New Yorkers eat it at all.  They eat their pizza folded, this does away with the need for cutlery and also means they can eat pizza on the go.

Now we can buy our pizza’s folded too as pizza maestro, Bruno Difabio (who has 10 artisan pizzerias across the US) is opening his first pizzeria in the UK in July. NY Fold (see what he did there) will be located on Charing Cross Road and will be offering great value, award winning pizza alongside foccacia sandwiches, freshly made pasta, salads, desserts and of course, a selection of American beers to accompany your pizza.

Don’t expect the traditional take on a wood fired oven pizza that we are all used to over here. NY Fold pizzas have a secret dough recipe made from a two-part fermentation process where the dough is aged for a minimum of 48 hours. This makes the base light and crisp and airy and really easy to fold. The toppings promise to be superior too with freshly made tomato sauce, lots of herbs and spices to add flavour and 60-day aged mozzarella from Caserta, Italy. Big Daddy is their signature pizza with spinach, arichoke hearts, garlic, white onion, mozarella and a touch of lemon all blended into a creamy concoction.

We can’t wait to visit and from July they can be found at 103 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT.