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PRESS: Cold-Pressed Juice Launches Near St Paul’s

For those of you on a health kick – we bring you some good news!

PRESS, the cold-pressed juice brand, has opened it’s doors at their new shop in the hub of the city, right outside St Paul’s tube station.

The new shop will act as a gateway for busy Londoners to stop over and grab their daily health kick on the way to work, at lunch or before heading home again at the end of the day. The shop also features a special hatch for those in a hurry looking to grab a juice and go.


Customers interested in finding out more about the benefits of cold-pressed juice will have access to an Urban Health Coach in-store. The Coach will be available for consolation to advise on what juice would suite you best at the moment. Fighting a hangover, feeling sluggish or trouble with concentrating? The Urban Heath coach knows the exact ingredients of cold-pressed juice to provide you with a boost for your small daily struggles.

The Menu:

1. Greenhouse – five different variations

Green_4_medium Green_5_medium Greens_1_medium Greens_2_medium Greens_3_78b016fc-853d-420a-905d-8317d6cc6cee_medium

2. Orchard – three different variations

Apple_Strawberry_Lemon_and_Mint_mediumApple_and_Lemon_Ginger_1_ca66e46d-bc93-42e6-ac62-90c7d4ee0000_medium Apple_Strawberry_Coconut_medium

3. Grove – two different variations


4. Garden – two different variations

BEET_FAKE_medium Sweet_Potato_medium


5. Cleanse Waters – two different variations

Alovera_Water_a8294a33-02d9-4a4c-82ec-3053637767bd_medium CW_medium

6. Leche – Cacao, Vanilla or Espresso

Cacao_Bottle_b9636bae-0d59-4bd2-b5cf-5f68eeb2710b_medium Vanilla_Leche_a85c64fc-d477-49f2-b867-d280b124e07c_mediumEspresso_Bottle_medium

7. Tonics – Wellness, Recovery, Probiotics, Green Coffee, Alkaline or E3 Live Tonic

1 2 3 4 5


PRESS St Paul’s offers customers a delicious new range of healthy snacks and treats such as Tamari Almonds, Raw Superfood Cookies, Cheese & Thyme Crackers, Raw Cacao Almond Butter Cups, Hazelnut, Cacao and Mulberry Crackle, Coconut Macaroons and the latest addition to the menu the Rainbow Cracker.

PRESS’s co-founder, cold-press enthusiast Ed Foy says, “We are thrilled to bring PRESS to St Paul’s to meet a big demand for a healthy and convenient juice or snack. PRESS is all about living a life in balance. It provides a fast, nutritious fix and ideal snack that can easily be adopted into your daily routine, and one that will ultimately make you feel better, look better and live well.”

PRESS St Paul’s: 1 Cheapside, Street Levels, St. Paul’s Underground Station, EC2V 6AA

Opening Hours: 7 AM until 5 PM.

Twitter @press_london

Instagram @ press_london