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Social Vend: the new way of interacting

We recently heard about a new nifty marketing innovation called Social Vend and although we have not yet experienced it for ourselves, we thought we would share with you what it’s all about.

Social Vend is basically a social media activated vending machine which can be used by brands for in-store sampling and giveaways. It works with Snapchat, Twittter and Instagram and it’s a great way of brands to interact with customers.

How it works

The creators of this little gadget have made its use super easy. All you have to do is Instagram a photo with the hashtags #socialvend and #5fT and voila, you have yourself a treat to try.

Social Vend
Social Vend

They’ve even made sure you don’t have to wait for more than four seconds to get a response, all the way to the way it visually looks – you can even get a furry Social Vend. Talk about guerilla marketing.

We can’t wait to see these dotted around London.