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St. Patrick’s Day: London Celebrations

We may not be in Dublin, but celebrations will be in full blast here in London! In case you forgot, St. Patrick’s day celebrates Irish culture, specifically one of Ireland’s patron saints, Saint Patrick, famous for ministering Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. Irish and non-Irish alike will be celebrating this weekend (Friday 17 March being the actual day of the holiday,) around the world.

Past St. Patrick's Day Parade
A Past St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Here are some London happenings that we’ve got our eye on for this weekend’s Irish celebration:

FRIDAY: Guinness x London Beer Week St. Patrick’s Day Party will take place on 17 March to kick off the weekend for those that enjoy a nice pint, even better that one free pint is included in the £15 ticket price. Taking place at The Pickle Factory, Yes, this event falls on the actual date of St. Patrick’s Day, but it will focus more on the pairing of good food and great beer. On top of your free pint, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste some of the exclusive beers on offer from Guinness’s Open Gate Brewery. Tickets available here.

AlSO FRIDAY: St. Patrick’s Day Irish Walking Tour, where attendees get to first gather in Trafalgar Square, and walk to Whitehall, all the while learning about impact of the Irish rebellion of 1916 from the London perspective. If this interests you, meet at the South Side of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square at 2pm.

Guiness X London Beer Week St. Patrick's Day Party
Guiness X London Beer Week St. Patrick’s Day Party

SATURDAY: Family friendly alert! St. Patrick’s Day at Camden Market will take place on Saturday 18 March. Here, the ‘Camden Live Music Cultural Trail’ will be from 12-6pm, featuring pop-up bands in Voodoo Ray’s and the Ampitheatre. There will also be Virtual Reality performances from all over Ireland, that you can catch at Firstage. The Family Festival of workshops and dancing sessions will follow, taking place in the North Yard (from 12-5pm) and stay tuned for information on the Family Concert with folk music from Kila!

Past St. Patrick's Day celebration in Camden Market
Past St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Camden Market

SUNDAY: The official London celebrations will take place on 19 March in the middle of Trafalgar Square, featuring the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. The festival will include traditional Irish music and ceilidh dancing, lots of traditional Irish food stands, including Irish black pudding, Scotch Eggs, Irish fried chicken sarnies and American-style Irish beef-burgers. Everyone’s welcome to the celebration, which will also feature a wide array of activities that everyone in the family will enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Parade & Festival
St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival
By Hannah Fox