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Star Profiles: Sean O’Pry

Get To Know Sean O’Pry.

“Oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake,” Taylor Swift foreshadows about her lover in her brand new video for “Blank Space”.  The face she speaks of belongs to the male model everyone seems to be talking about in the aftermath of the video’s premiere.  If Sean O’Pry looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s a highly successful male model.  The highest-paid in the world to be exact.  Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

After being discovered on MySpace (yes, you read that correctly) in 2006, Sean has been working as one of the most in-demand male models in the business.  Having made $1.5 million last year, he isn’t doing too shabby.  The American model has walked runways for countless designers, and has starred in billboard campaigns for Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Viktor & Rolf, as well as H&M, Gap, Aldo, and many more.  It’s no wonder he didn’t even need to audition for his latest gig in Taylor’s music video.  Sean tells Vanity Fair, “I remember [my manager] called me.  I think I had just left [acting] class, and she was like, ‘You have the option to be in a Taylor Swift music video,’ and I was like, ‘O.K., confirm it.”  She was like, “No, they have to confirm you.’”  When asked about working with Miss Swift, he dished, “She can do everything.  I mean she’s not just beautiful… her talent is overwhelming.  It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t feel like work.”  We can imagine.

sean-opry-3_fullSean O’Pry for H&M.

179908-500wSean O’Pry for Viktor & Rolf.


Sean O’Pry in Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall 2012 campaign.

Don’t think that Sean doesn’t work hard for his success, though.  He’s currently going to school for acting, hoping to pursue work outside the modeling world.  “I want to be well-accepted as an actor, not just [as] a prop.  I’m studying to actually have a career and longevity and not just be ‘that guy,’ ” he explained to Vanity Fair.  “I think that’s very needed to be taken seriously.  [The music video] is definitely not a step in the wrong direction.  Doing this video really motivated me further.”  He spoke further about his experience working with Taylor, who managed to make him quite nervous.  “She bit my lip. And I just remember I was really blushing, and I was trying to hide it.  But that was the first thing—that was how I met Taylor . . .  She did incredibly in the video.  She’s gorgeous already, but she looks incredible in the video.”  Who can blame him?  After all, he’s only human.


Watch Sean in Taylor Swift’s new video for “Blank Space”.