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Is Steven Avery Innocent?

Since it premiered on Netflix last year, Making A Murderer has not only been the talk of the town, but it has turned into one of the most infamous trials of the last decade, if not the most infamous trial period!

We can’t deny the massive part that social media has played in the explosion of Making A Murderer. It has been months since we first binged on the Netflix Documentary, and yet, the topic is still hot, we’re on the edge of our seats, waiting to find out who killed Teresa Hallbach.

Dean Strang on the cover of 'So It Goes'
Dean Strang on the cover of ‘So It Goes’

In the most recent issue of So It Goes magazine, in a far-reaching interview, Steven Avery’s defense lawyer, Dean Strang, discusses the the trial, makes the final case for Avery’s innocence and offers a withering assessment of the American criminal justice system in the twenty-first century.

My faith in the criminal justice system is exactly congruent with my faith in humanity, which, I think, is a clear-eyed faith. I recognise the flaws that we all share as human beings, I recognise the potential we all have as human beings… Here, the sentence is life without parole, and that is to say it’s a social death sentence. All human progress now will pass Steven by as he waits for the biological moment of death as this sentence stands. That should not have happened on the evidence that this jury heard.


So It Goes is now available to pre-order.