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Sundance Film Festival: London 2017

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Sundance Film Festival: London 2017

Sundance Film Festival: London 2017 is right around the corner. The event running from 1-4 June at Picturehouse Central will be packed with so many great films to choose from. While we’d love to watch them all (and will try to see as many as we can), here are just a few screenings we’re counting down the days to see!

The Incredible Jessica James: This film is all too relatable and we can’t wait to see it. Director Jim Strouse tells the story of Jessica James (Jessica Williams), a hopeful playwright in NYC who is desperately trying to get over a breakup. She meets Boone (Chris O’Dowd), an Irishman who also happens to be recovering from a tough breakup. The film chronicles the journey of these two as they navigate their lives through this unfortunate time while falling for each other. This will be the European premiere of this film and we’re really looking forward to it because let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a romcom?

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The Incredible Jessica James and Walking Out

Walking Out: Get your tissues ready, this one might lead to some wet eyes.¬†Sometimes you just need to watch a film that tugs at your heart strings and we’re thinking this wilderness survival/strained father-son relationship story will do just that. Directed by Alex and Andrew Smith, Matt Bomer plays Cal who is the father of fourteen-year-old David, played by Josh Wiggins. Wiggins’ character travels to Montana to visit his dad who’s not really in his life for a weekend of hunting. The film shows the two trying to connect which gets interrupted by an unlucky encounter with a bear that quickly changes their weekend completely. If this work by the Smith’s is all it appears to be, Walking Out will be emotional, dramatic and action packed.

Surprise Film: There is something thrilling about buying a ticket to an unknown film. The concept of showing a surprise film is a first for the festival and it will only be screened once during the four-day event so it seems like a must see opportunity we don’t want to miss out on. Plus, whatever this film is it got great reviews from the crowd at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, U.S. so what could be bad?


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By Carly Bayroff