Team USA Excels in Rio

By Elizabeth Ponce

Team USA has a history of dominating the Olympic Games. Leading the all-time medal count, they’ve won a total of 2,404 medals – more than double that of any other country. In Rio, the saga continues and after a few days of competition in Rio, they are the leading country in the medal count with a total of 19 podium worthy performances.

team usa
Michael Phelps leads team USA as flag bearer in Rio’s opening ceremony

The most decorated Olympian ever, Michael Phelps, has come to Rio and immediately proved he is still a force to be reckoned with, even at the age 31. On Sunday, the won gold in the men’s 4x100m freestyle race and with the help of his teammates, the veteran, Phelps, captured his 19th Olympic gold medal. His total Olympic medal count is now at 23, which isn’t too bad if you ask us.

So what we know so far is that the USA have won medals in swimming, diving, archery, fencing and shooting. Judging by their success so far, and their previous Olympic triumphs, there’s no denying that in the next two weeks they look to dominate all other fields of the competition.

team usa 4
Team USA Athletes Paul George (top left), Simone Biles (top right), Katie Ledecky (bottom left) and Sydney McLaughlin (bottom right).

On 16 August, Sydney McLaughlin will make Olympic debut in the 400m hurdles, just a week after celebrating her 17th birthday and at this point, Michael Phelps has more Olympic medals than Sydney has years to her life! Sydney is the youngest track & field athlete to represent her country in the Olympic Games since 1972. After smashing state and national track & field records, she looks to make a name for herself on this world stage, so watch out – we might be seeing a lot more of her.

The USA men’s & women’s basketball teams show no signs of slowing down as they having been annihilating competitors on their quest for gold. Coming off of gold medal victories in 2008 and 2012, it looks as though the men’s team will end up on top again. After blowing out Venezuela by 44-points, the men will face Australia in their next game on Wednesday, 10 August. The women will look to beat Serbia on Wednesday. If they continue on as they have, you can expect to see the team USA in the women’s basketball finals on Saturday, 20 August and the men in their finals on Sunday, 21 August.

The women’s gymnastics team looks to make a return to the podium following their gold medal victory in 2012. Returning Olympian, Aly Raisman and newbie, Simone Biles, lead their team as they face competitors in team all-arounds and individual events.

Strong swimmers of every age will compete for team USA this week. Look out for the 19-year-old phenom, Katie Ledecky as she goes for gold in Wednesday’s 200m freestyle and Thursday’s 800m freestyle race.


Will team USA remain dominate in Rio and catch the gold they have their eyes on? To watch events and follow all the team USA action, head to NBC Olympics’ website.