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The Orchid Man

House of Frapin has been the masculine embodiment of French art de vivre (art of living) since crafting their first fragrance back in 2004. The luxury perfumer’s scents are also inspired by their cognac brand, it has a long history as a distiller, and the experience the family can bring to both crafts.

The Orchid Man
The Orchid Man

Frapin’s new fragrance was inspired by the elegant and charismatic French Boxer, Georges Carpentier, also nicknamed “The Orchid Man” by his fans in the US.

‘The Orchid Man’ takes its heavenly smell by thinking about the art of boxing; from courage, strength and masculinity that the legendary boxer gave to the sport in the 1920’s Carpentier was a handsome, clever and resourceful man, who skilfully knew how to reinvent himself at each stage of his life. He began as a boxer and then tried his hand at rugby, which too showed his great talent. In the 1930’s he revealed his other non-athletic talents, when he took to the stage and went from Paris to Hollywood. Experiencing the collapse of Wall Street, The Orchid Man went back to Paris where he opened a successful cocktail bar, always ready for a new adventure, a fascinating man to have at the centre of this new fragrance.

The fragrance smells really fresh; top notes of bergamot and black pepper, middle notes of leather and jasmine petals, the jasmine softens what can be an an overpowering smell of leather in a male scent. Basenotes of patchouli, black amber and oak moss make for a gorgeous blend of a unique fragrance. Like all the fragrances from the House of Frapin you can find yourself a very distinctive signature scent to really stand out from your friends. The luxury packaging makes for a special gift to yourself, or a real treat for someone else under the tree.

Available at Bloom Pharmacy £98 for 100 ml

‘The Orchid Man’ is now available to shop at Parfums Frapin.