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The ultimate relaxation hoodie

The wolds most relaxing hoodie comes at a hefty price of £220.

The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie has been engineered with relaxation in mind, it has been said it is the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing. Apparently it uses colour, sound and body position to help you rest and recover more effectively.

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie, £220
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie, £220

According to the makers, the hoodie is designed to help activate the part of your nervous system that helps you rest and recover and once activated it will slow down your pulse, breathing and brainwaves, which in theory will help conserve every and maintain your focus. They say it’s idea before an important event and idea for athletes.

The science behind it

Back in the 70’s and 80’s Alexander Schauss, Director of Life Sciences at the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma, Washington, carried out a series of psychological experiments. Don’t let the colour of it put you off because the results showed that placing prisoners in a cell painted in the colour names ‘Baker Miller Pink’, for just 15 minutes, helped calm them down by rapidly slowing their heart rates. I remember this theory from my time at University and later on I came across it in a focus group organised by Coca-Cola but I guess the Baker Miller Hoodie beat them to it and put the research into practice.

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

The hoodie

The hoodie itself is completely breathable, wind resistant, insulated, water repellent and elastic, which suggest it will keep you from the elements. Like being wrapped up in a cocoon, the hoodie allows you to zip yourself in and shut away from the world, but don’t worry, there are mouth and nose holes you can breath out of so don’t panic. They have even carefully designed and places the pockets so that you can hug yourself in comfort.

To me, it seems like Netflix and chill just took on a whole new meaning when you slip into the hoodie, just look at Jimmy Fallon..

By Vesi Maslenishka