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Tips, Insights And Inside The Grooming Room: Man Made London

Online Retailer interviewed Dan Gregory, Founder of Man Made London’s Barber Shop and grooming brand. Dan tells us about how the brand began, his travels with actor Daniel Radcliffe and which lucky item would make it with him on a stranded island. Read on to learn more about Man Made after its highly anticipated launch at

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What inspired you to launch Man Made products?
The inspiration for launching our range was listening to what our clients wanted out of a range of products.  Easy to use, long lasting and that look good sitting on their bathroom shelf.

Can you give us a little insight into the story of the brand and how it begun?
The idea for Man Made London started when I saw that there wasn’t just one trend in men’s hair or men’s style. Guys now want to get a look that suits them and works for their lifestyle. With that in mind, I looked for individual products to fit each guy’s need, whether that be more thickness and texture in the hair or pliability with their hairstyle, to name a few. A year later we launched our range, based on the feedback it has gone from strength to strength.

Which product are you most excited about from the range?
The one that most excites me is our No.1 Texture Salt Spray. It is literally an all-rounder for any hairstyle. Straight hair, curly hair, fine or even thick- it works!

What reception have your products received at your Man Made London barber shop?
The reception has been incredible! We literally have clients buying in the bulk load. Two, three or even five of the same product to make sure they have it for any occasion.

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Men’s grooming products have started to become even more popular now. Why do you think this is?
It’s because men aren’t embarrassed about looking good or letting people know they have made an effort. It was only really from the “bed head” days that men didn’t want to look too groomed but if you take a look back to the days of the Rat Pack they always looked smart and perfectly well kept.

Do you sport a beard yourself and if so, what maintenance do you keep?
I’m sporting some kind of facial hair but wouldn’t exactly call it a beard. I use a comb on it every day to make sure it doesn’t tangle up and I apply our Beard and Shave Oil to it to keep it looking neat.

What grooming products do you use?
I obviously use Man Made London but we don’t have everything in our range yet, so I use mainly L’Occitane for the rest.

How much time do you spend on grooming every day?
I spend about 10 minutes, but I’m lucky enough to have my Grooming Room with very talented barbers in who will occasionally style my hair for me or trim my facial hair… so I kind of cheat I guess!

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You’re an expert in men’s grooming. What are your top three tips?
Get a haircut once a month no matter what style you have. To keep it in shape use a conditioner in your hair twice a week and finally use a shaving brush.

What was 2014 like for you and were there any highlights?
Last year was the first full year of my Grooming Room In Marylebone so that was a good highlight, seeing it grow from strength to strength and getting great feedback from clients.  Another highlight was travelling with Daniel Radcliffe for the European Premieres of his last two films What If and Horns.

If you were stranded on an island, what product could you not live without?
Hmmm… I would probably say our Beard and Shave Oil as it is multi-purpose and smells great!


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