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Top Five Tailors In London

Looking for the perfect bespoke suit in London? Well stop right here as we have compiled a list of some of the best tailors in London with a bit of a history of how they started and also some of the celebrities who shop there!


Gieves and Hawkes

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Our first tailor was created through the merger of two tailors in the 19th century and created a perfect collaboration with hundreds of bespoke creations over 450 years of business. They have gained British Royal Warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II, The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Edinburgh. You will find this tailor at the perfect location of No 1 Savile Row.

Find them at: Gieves and Hawkes



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At number two is the neighbour to our number 1 on Savile Row, Huntsman. Huntsman has been a leader in the British tailing industry since 1849 when Henry Huntsman created the brand. This business also has received a warrant card from the Prince of Wales. They have dressed celebrities such as Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier and are famous for having the most expensive two-piece on Savile Row.

Find them at: Huntsman


Anderson & Sheppard

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Number 3 is yet again another store with a warrant card from the Prince of Wales showing why it’s in our list. Anderson and Sheppard was formed in 1906 so haven’t been around along as others but has still become one of the best bespoke suit makers in London. It has been called ‘the best tailor in the world’ by Tom Ford and has dressed celebrity clients like Liam Neeson and Charlie Chaplin.

Find them at: Anderson and Sheppard


Edward Sexton

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Edward Sexton is the one of the only tailors on our list that’s not located on the famous Savile Row but their roots are definitely still there. Sexton himself revolutionalisted Savile Row in the 1960s by coming up with the ‘Open Window’ approach when bringing everything he had learnt to his own store called ‘Nutters’. Famous fans include John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Mark Ronson, and Andy Warhol.

Find them at: Edward Sexton


Tom Baker London

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Tom Baker was trained by some of the best on Savile Row, he then brought his talent to his own bespoke tailors on D’Arblay Street in Soho. He has a very unique avant-garde style and mixes classic British fashion with a rock and roll edge. This has led to him enticing celebrities such as Robert Plant and the rest of The Sex Pistols.

Find Tom Baker at: Tom Baker