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Top Grooming Products For Men

If you are looking for some top grooming products to keep you looking dapper – you need to check these out. From beard oils, to shaving creams and brushes, here at The Perfect Man we’ve got you covered – these are our top recommended products that you must try to keep yourself looking perfectly groomed!

Apothecary Original Beard Oil – £34

Apothecary Original Beard Oil
Apothecary Original Beard Oil

Verdict: Smells amazing, super mature smell and stays on the beard. The label will give you all the sciency names of the ingredients, but what you need to know is it contains grape, jojoba, geranium plant (a velvety pink flower and probably the only feminine touch found in this product), patchouli (a minty herb), Australian sandalwood, and essential oils which boosts your natural well-being. So no more smelly beards, your girlfriend/wives will love it!

Alchemy Peppermint Beard Remedy Oil – £21

Alchemy Peppermint Beard Remedy

Verdict: If you like more of a crisp, fresh scent; this beard oil is for you. Slightly more moisturising, it’s perfect for thicker beards that need lots more taming! The current weather can dry your hair out; so this one provides the nourishment it can lack. it’s the all-natural remedy which can be used daily or as needed – to give you a super soft beard and also stimulates hair growth.

Captain Fawcet Expedition Strength Moustache Wax – £10

Captain Fawcet Expedition Strength Moustache Wax
Captain Fawcet Expedition Strength Moustache Wax

Verdict: It comes in such a little pot, it’s perfect! It doesn’t dry out before you get to use it all like those larger tubs of wax, and it’s easy to take around with you (great for packing light) and practical – works brilliantly to hold your moustache in place!

Kiehl’s Shaving Range – From £15

Lite Flite Shaving Cream For Brush / Razor Bump Relief / Post Shave Repair Gel

Verdict: The Lite Flite Shaving Cream is soft, lathers up easily, and it can be applied using a shaving brush, great for a traditional shave.

The Razor bump Relief  helps the hairs grow back without irritation on the skin, nourishing and soothing the skin…no more razor burn! Hurrah!

Finally the Post Shave Repair Gel can be used for even more comfort. Providing mild exfoliation, you can use this pretty much anywhere on your body – face, neck, legs, or wherever shaving.

Nivea Men Original Post Shaving Balm – £5.35

Nivea Men
Nivea Men

Verdict: For a cheaper option, Nevia Men’s Post Shaving Balm, works really well. It immediately soothes and conditions your skin, while helping prevent against irritation and giving your skin the long lasting moisture it deserves.

L’Occitane – Plisson Shaving Brush - £35

L’Occitane – Plisson Shaving Brush

Verdict: This Plisson Shaving Brush is great if you are looking for a soft feeling brush. You can go quite old school with this one and use hard soap to lather up.

Turn the shaving constraint into a daily moment of pleasure thanks to this shaving brush – it will make any shaving cream produce a generous and thick lather.

Kent Shaving Brush VS60 – £9.75

Kent Shaving Brush
Kent Shaving Brush

Verdict: For a cheaper alternative, Kent also have a shaving brush. The beautiful black barrel on this stylish shaving brush is filled with pure bristles that are finished with a badger effect (not real badger hair) for comfortable shaving experience.

When you first get this brush, it might feel quite stiff, but as you use it it softens up. Its tough bristles are also great for exfoliating skin while lathering up your shaving cream, lifting hairs and prepping your stubble for the ultimate close shave.

L’Occitaine – Cade Shaving Cream – £20

L'Occitane Shaving Cream
L’Occitane Shaving Cream

Verdict: This Cade shaving cream can be applied using a shaving brush and it helps make shaving ultra-comfortable…aghhh smooth!

Fudge Urban Texture Junk - £7.29

Fudge Urban Texture Junk
Fudge Urban Texture Junk

Verdict: This one is favourite with guys who have short hair. I gives your hair natural texture and finish with medium hold.