Reach for a Puffa jacket when temperatures plummet | The Perfect Man

Weatherproof with Puffa

Brrrrr. It’s just got all seasonal on us and we are looking to wrap up warm when venturing outside and keep ourselves weatherproof. Puffa jackets orginally created for hill walkers and mountaineers are never, ever, out of fashion and should be the winter fashion statement in your wardrobe. There is, however, only one company that makes true Puffa’s and that is Puffa, created here in the UK in 1973 by Penny Rogers. She was inspired by the quilted jackets she found in North America and Canada and got royals like Diana and models like Jodie Kidd into them. They have never really, ever gone away.

Okay they have their detractors who believe them to be unflattering in the extreme but we feel that these oversized padded jackets are the only thing to throw on when temperatures are low and still put you at the forefront of fashion.

Here are the latest takes on the Puffa from their Autumn/Winter collection. Prices start from around £100.

George Puffa light down jacket, £125
Ted Puffa, traditional flight jacket with fur trim, £195



Benjamin mid-weight Puffa jacket, £215