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What can you expect from the iOS10 upgrade

Apples big iPhone 7 launch is this Friday and with that, the tech giant have also revealed their brand new operating system iOS10 which is now available for download on all iPhone’s and iPad’s.

So for those who have yet to update to the new iOS 10 – here’s what you can expect…

Lock screen
Previously you would have to use the button to be able to unlock your phone, but the new iOS will wake your phone once you pick it up, meaning no need to press any buttons. Swiping right opens the redesigned widget panel, and swiping left opens the camera.

Unlocking your phone
If you phone has Touch ID, the new iOS10 will require you to press the home button. If you don’t like this feature however you can easily turn it off: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and restore the old touch-to-unlock feature.

You don’t need to actually open apps to use them – for example, press firmly on a notification from Messages and you will be able to reply right there.



Messages has had a big revamp with features such as link previews, handwriting support and a new Digital Touch feature that comes over from the Apple Watch. Also there’s a brand new Messages App Store which gives you access to both free and paid iMessage extensions ( sticker packs, apps that integrate with full third-party apps, and even an app which lets you send someone money right from within Messages).



Siri has made friends and by friends we mean it’ll be able to work with third party apps. For example you will be able to now order Uber using Siri or scribe a Facebook message.

Control Center
The control center features 3D touch. For example, you can press firmly on the flashlight icon to turn the rear LED on with low, medium or high brightness.

Photo Apps

Photo App
Photo App

The new Photos App has facial recognition, object recognition automatic album generation based on time and location and more. A cool new “Memories” feature automatically creates highlight reels, similar to what HTC does.

Quick Type enhancements
New emoji recommendations and improvements on Siri’s context feature. For example, if someone asks “Where are you?,” Quick Type will pop up a shortcut to share your location.

Apple Music
Everything has been rearranged – the content is much more logical, with most popular features on top.