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Who Is Joshua Whitehouse?

You might recognise him as Mr. Burberry in the latest sultry Burberry men’s fragrance campaign; Joshua Whitehouse is a 26 year old British musician and actor.

Josh Whitehouse as Mr. Burberry
Josh Whitehouse as Mr. Burberry

Said to be the next Eddie Redmayne – who also began his career posing, looking broody and mysterious in front of the camera for one of the most iconic British brands, Burberry – Whitehouse does indeed have some big shoes to fill.

Josh got his first taste of acting in Northern Soul – an uplifting tale of two friends whose horizons are opened up by the discovery of black American soul music in 1974. Being part of a three piece acoustic band, More Like Trees, gave Whitehouse the background and edge which made him suitable for the role of Matt. Covered in tattoos, Josh played the ultimate bad boy, which isn’t too shabby for your first ever role in a film. He later showed off his wilder side when he made of the tats that his character had in Norther Soul permanent.

Northern Soul
Northern Soul

So what’s next for Josh? Ultimately, his role in Norther Soul was a stepping stone for the actor, opening up opportunities such as Mr. Burberry. Now he has been featured in a couple of other films, Alleycats and The Receptionist, about to hit the big screen in 2016/2017 and he also has a couple of other projects coming up.

The Burberry campaign stars Josh Whitehouse and British model Amber Anderson. © Copyright Burberry/Steve McQueen
The Burberry campaign stars Josh Whitehouse and British model Amber Anderson

Undoubtedly, the young actor has got the “itfactor, giving off sultry Fifty Shades of Grey vibes in the latest Mr. Burberry ad, he says: “Being cast as Mr. Burberry is a new feeling, I must say! But it’s a good one, I can’t say I ever imagined being asked to be in a fragrance campaign. I feel incredibly honored, shocked and delighted to be cast as Mr. Burberry. It’s quite overwhelming.”

A still from the #MrBurberry campaign by Steve McQueen for @burberry

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Despite being a part of such an iconic brand, he is still keeping humble. Currently he lives in an old warehouse in East London with eight of his mates, but it’s only a matter of time before he starts fending off the swarms of infatuated ladies chasing after him and asking him to sign various parts of their bodies, which may not be such a bad thought for the young lad after all ;) .